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Mobile applications

We develop highly interactive social and business apps for a diverse customer list.

Our proficient team of app developers has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the iOS and Android platform and many years intensive experience in building customized apps to compliment your business needs. From business apps to games, our developers understand how to bring your ideas to life in the form of a rich app backed by a robust back-end system, with key functionalities as, location services, push notifications, social network integration, in-app purchases, external APIs, etc.


Our expert team of developers is your most reliable partner in providing custom websites.

We take the extra steps to fully understand your expectations and the needs of your target audience – we then create awesome products that will be loved by your audience meeting and exceeding your expectations. Over the past years, our developers have gained deep insight into website development. In addition to custom development our team has technical expertise in CMS systems like WordPress among others.

Web applications

We build products from the ground up. Our years of expertise get you going faster, as we leverage our knowledge to implement basic functionality faster leaving more time and resources for the core functionality.

We bring more than keystrokes to your product strategy. We develop applications which help you compete in this exciting and rapidly growing SaaS market place. We can also help you quickly retrofit your existing premise-based product to a cloud delivered SaaS product.



A software product is really never finished. Your local liaison will work closely with you to define the scope and roadmap for your product. A clearly defined Minimum Viable Product (MVP) built on a focused value proposition allows for delivery of a more compelling user experience, increases speed to market and enables further development based on market feedback.


We work with you to understand your business needs and translate that into world class design to be built on frontline technology. We ask the tough questions and ensure that the product only contains what really adds value to the target audience. We design the compelling and captivating user experience based on sound and scalable data structures and API’s. We find the “holes” before spending on development.


Our experienced people are skilled in multiple disciplines with decades of knowledge in a wide range of technologies. This phase of keystroking is not a commodity. You need the skill to get it done right and the commitment to get it done fast. Version 1.0 should knock their socks off. Our rigorous testing and verification ensures it.


Launching your product across several platforms and app stores is usually the most critical and sensitive step in the go-to-market process. We manage this process meticulously and make sure you just see it being downloaded by excited new users – like movie magic. This is where your idea meets real life.


Deployment is just one of the first steps in the life of a product. Learning from data captured from user behavior and interaction is pivotal to accelerating the viral propagation and the adoption rates. We can help you all the way in scaling the business, from enhancing the market impact over keeping the speed of development to scaling the technology infrastructure.